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Protect Your Mitsubishi with Regular Service and Maintenance

Do you prefer keeping your hands clean and letting someone else take care of your vehicle? Here at Mike Smith Mitsubishi, we know exactly where you are coming from. When you schedule an appointment with us for service in Paducah, Kentucky, you can drop off your car and let one of our trained mechanics take care of maintenance for you.

Whether you take your Mitsubishi on busy city streets or spend more of your time in the country, you know that servicing your car extends its life and helps you save on repair bills later. If you live in Metrolpolis or Calvert City, Indiana, you can use our contact form to schedule your next appointment. We are also available for those who want to DIY and just need to Order Parts for a simple oil change or brake pads in Benton, Paducah, and Mayfield, Kentucky. We help Paducah Mitsubishi drivers keep their vehicles in tip-top shape every day we're open and we provide a variety of Service Specials so that when you need a battery replacement, transmission service, A/C service, or engine repair, you don't have to break the bank.

Some of the services we offer include oil changes, tire rotations, check engine light diagnostics, warranty repairs, and checks every 30K, 60K, or 90K miles you drive after buying a new Mitsubishi or used car at Mike Smith Mitsubishi. Come in and see us at our Paducah Mitsubishi service center today where we perform general repairs, Mitsubishi factory recalls and warranty service on all Mitsubishi models including Outlander Sport, Outlander, and Mirage. We even have MONTHLY COUPONS!!

Mike Smith offers most routine maintenace and repair services for your vehicle. We can perform service for most makes and models of vehicles, including Mitsubishi. Please contact our service team at 800-444-8609 for a quote on any of the services you need. Listed below are some of the most common services we perform for our guests.

  • • Oil and Filter Change
  • • Transmission Service
  • • Tire Mounting, Rotation and Balance
  • • Brake System (Pads, rotor, lines, etc)
  • • Engine Diagnostic (Check engine light, fluid light, service light, etc)
  • • 30K, 60K, 90K Service
  • • Heating/Cooling Systems
  • • Exhaust Systems
  • • Head Gasket/Valves
  • • Fuel Systems (Filters, hoses, pumps, etc)
  • • Engine Replacement or Rebuild
  • • Electronic Motors (Windows, fan, etc.)
  • • Belts (Timing, alternator, etc)
  • • Steering Systems
  • • Ignition System
  • • Electrical Systems
  • • Emission Control System
  • • Warranty Repairs
  • • Suspension System (Axle, mounts struts, etc)
  • • Clutch Repair/replacement
Mike Smith Mitsubishi Service Entrance